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Two weeks until Boston

  • Apr 7 2014
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It's been three years since I visited Boston for the Boston Marathon Expo. In 2011 Endure was a little more than two years old and I brought my Dad with me as my engraver and to help me with the show. I also have a friend named Emily who lives there who helped me at my booth. Emily and I ran hurdles together in college and she moved to Boston for her job. The next year, 2012, I didn't go to Boston because I was 6 months pregnant with my son. Last year, in 2013, I didn't go to Boston because I was trying my hardest not to travel to too many far away shows and be away from my son. It was a good thing I decided to skip Boston last year and most of us know why.

Even though I wasn't there I received numerous messages asking if I was there and I even received voicemails asking if I were able to comment for an interview. When I first heard the news I immediately thought of my friends that I knew that were in the area. I texted Emily and she had been updated me and told me that she was okay. Another friend of mine, Fernando Cabada, had already finished running the race and also kept everyone informed of his status. Luckily none of my friends were hurt that day. For many others this was not the case.

I recently took Endure to another small town show in Central California, the Modesto Marathon. My sister and I met a super sweet lady who came by and I was very excited about the engraving she had requested. She wanted one of her pendants to say, "Boston" and the other to have the date of the 2015 Boston Marathon written on the back. I was glad to engrave this for her and asked her if she had ever run Boston before and she we both shared our stories of how we both felt that day. I wasn't prepared to hear her story as the tragedy was still very much a part of her life. Two people that she knew were badly hurt and were still being treated for their injuries. This was not the first time my sister and I have been brought to tears at hearing a story on tour and it was definitely one that we will never forget.

In a week from tomorrow it will have been one year since this horrible tragedy. For those who have been affected and who are still being affected by this horrible act of evil, please know that you continue to be in our hearts, in our thoughts, and in our prayers. For those who are running the Boston Marathon in two weeks from today, we hope you show the world what it means to persevere, to prevail, to fight, to press on, to ENDURE.

Emily, Sunny, and Cheri in Nevada circa 2005

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