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Alpha's Journey to her first 13.1

  • Jul 9 2014
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Family is of the utmost importance to me. One of my closest cousins is Alpha. Alpha was an athlete in high school but wasn't a runner. This year she decided to run her first half marathon which she completed recently and I couldn't be more proud of her! The following is a little more about her journey to her first 13.1. For anyone who has yet to complete their first 13.1 miles of a half marathon, I hope you find encouragement in Alpha's journey! Remember, 90% of the job is done when you step up to the line and just go!

Age on race day: 31

Athletic/exercise background/history: Played team sports throughout high school and intramural sports in college. I love attending workout classes like Bar Method, Cardio kickboxing, and Spin.

When did you start running? November 2013

Why? To train for my first half marathon

Did anyone influence you? My friend Jacquelyn wanted to get in shape after having her second child and asked if I would run with her, so I said yes!

Who do you run with? I run by myself or with my roommate. I live in Pasadena so there are some great places to run including around the Rose Bowl.

When was your first race? March 29, 2014

Your first half marathon? Yes

Did you have a goal and did you meet it? I just wanted to finish, I didn't care about my time. I wanted to run with my friend Jacquelyn.

Will you do it again? Yes

How has running changed your life? Yes, it has made me more aware of my health. I enjoy it now! I love making itunes playlists to run to!

Do you have any future goals? Yes, to improve my time and pace

Advice for anyone who has never run a marathon: Honestly I wasn't that consistent with training but I kept trying. Eventually, I started to get comfortable with my stride and breathing. I didn't run all the miles I had plan to run because, honestly, life happens and other things came up. The longest run I had was half of what the race was, about a 10K or 6-7 miles. I knew if I could complete about half, I could definitely push myself to double it on race day. On race day, I was really so excited and enjoyed all the support from everyone.

Photo of Alpha and friends at the starting line.

Photo of Alpha and Jacquelyn at the finish

Photo of Alpha in 2010 helping at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

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