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Going Half Crazy: Part 2

  • Sep 14 2014
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PART 2: WINTER 2013-2014

I'm finally getting around to writing Part 2,"Winter Season", which takes us through the months of December, January, and February. This was a very exciting part of the year and I am very excited to share my running experiences with you! Also, thank you so much for being patient with me this past month. There are a lot of new and exciting events coming up this Fall/Winter and I had to dedicate some time to celebrating Endure's 5th Birthday!


Race #5 Divas Half Marathon SoCal in Ontario, California

This race was so much fun. If you haven't heard about the Divas Half Marathon and 5K series, you definitely need to check it out! It is almost all women who run this race and you are greeted at the finish line with a tiara, a hot pink feather boa, and a glass of bubbly champagne (for those who are 21 and over of course!).

I ran this race with my friend Mika who was hoping to PR that day. Our mantra for the race was "it's supposed to hurt (if you want to PR)!" We finished the race 9 minutes faster than her previous PR and finished strong. It was an awesome race and an even more awesome day for her! After the race, she went home and her boyfriend proposed to her with a home-made brownie! What an amazing weekend it was for her. To top that off I had the pleasure of helping her design her adorable engagement ring!

Medal Earned: A beautiful, spinning, bejeweled, medal with a pink enameled tiara
Running Buddies: My friend Mika who PR'd by 9 minutes!
Inspiration: My previous race that helped me get through my jogging slump
Tips: The expo was freezing cold since it was outdoors. Even though Ontario is technically SoCal, be prepared for cool weather. For the race, wear layers or a foil blanket as the starting line can be cold!


Race #6 Tinker Bell Half Marathon

Another Disney race was added to the list in January, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. I'd say it's one of the cutest of the runDisney races since so many women (and men!) run this race wearing fairy wings to help them "fly" through the race. The course runs through both California Adventure and Disneyland and through the streets of Anaheim. This race is always so much fun and the weather is always so nice during this part of the year in Southern California. I had the pleasure of running this race with my friends Mika and Erin and my cousin Anthony too! This is one of my favorite race medals. If you've never run this race before, make sure to make your way through the expo, grab some adorable fairy-inspired jewelry and apparel and pick up a pinch of pixie dust!

Medals Earned: Fairy wing medal with a spinning Tinker Bell in the center. I loved the colors of the ribbon this year!
Running Buddies: My friends Mika and Erin and my cousin Ferdie
Inspiration: The child in me believing in the magic of Pixie Dust, believing I could fly!
Tips: Enjoy the parks, the expo, the race, and start off the new year right with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust!


Race #7 Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon

Theme of the weekend: "Two Poor Wittle Pwincesses!" My goodness! Where do I begin? I've given birth, mothered a newborn child, and have run a number of full marathons. Yet, I don't believe any of those things have left me more exhausted than the weekend of the Princess Half Marathon. My friend and I both ran the 5K and 10K and I also ran the half marathon. We arrived on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles, set-up our booth, worked all three days of the expo, and visited the parks at night. We averaged 3 hours of sleep each night, worked, raced, and traveled across the country. Please note the word "averaged", meaning a couple of the nights we slept less than that. For anyone who came by our booth that weekend we need to apologize one more time for anything we may have said or done while we were sleepy. Just thinking about that week is exhausting. I'll take you through one day at a time and hopefully you're willing to read on…

Day 1: We arrived with 1.5 hours of sleep on the plane and set up our booth at the expo. It took us a while since we were waiting for some of our booth packages to arrive so we spent a number of hours waiting around to get an early check in to our hotel, for the UPS store to open, and for our travel agency to release our tickets to the Disney ticket office. We also had to unload our vehicle and begin setting up our booth so we didn't get to visit the park until later in the afternoon. When we finally finished setting up we visited the Animal Kingdom and the Epcot Center. After the park closed we went into the wrong line for our shuttle back to our vehicle which was parked at the Animal Kingdom and have to wait almost another hour for the next bus. When we arrived at the Animal Kingdom we couldn't find our car. It was parked so far away from the entrance that we couldn't see it beyond the parking lot horizon. We slowly walked what had to be over a half a mile to the car. It was probably very dangerous for me to be operating a vehicle in our state of mind. We didn't get back to our room til after 1:30am and we couldn't sleep so we ended up talking for more than a couple hours and fell asleep around 3:30.

Day 2: We had to be awake by 6:00am to complete setting up our expo booth. Keep in mind we only had about 2.5 hours of sleep that night. We worked a 12 hour shift at the health and fitness expo and then went back to the parks! That night we went and visited the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center again. We were smart this time and made it back to our vehicle in a decent amount of time by taking the monorail and got back to our hotel around 1:30am. Although we fell asleep right away, the next morning we had to be awake much earlier this time.

Day 3: The next morning was the 5K which started at 5:30am which meant waking up at 3:30 to get dressed in our outfits and drove to the starting line. It was so much fun despite going to the parks the night before! Cyndi and I wore our Princess shirts that incorporated all races of that weekend including the 19.3 miles of the Glass Slipper Challenge, the 13.1 miles of the half marathon, the 10k, and the 5K. This design was printed on both tank tops and hoodies that were strung with custom satin ribbon to give it that special "Princess" touch. We were extremely exhausted after that race and had to rush back to the hotel to get ready for another day of work. That day we worked another 12 hour shift at the expo and went to dinner at a local pizza place. The past two days were draining because neither of us were able to sneak in a decent meal. So we went to the store to get food to pack for our lunch. Finally we were able to sleep from 11:30-3:30 am. That's still not enough sleep for almost anyone.

Day 4: It was Cyndi's first 10K and her longest race she'd ever run! We felt much better having 4 hours of sleep, which is still very little but more than we had been getting. We had planned on putting on some fancy outfits for the race but opted out to take advantage of another half hour of sleep. Cyndi hadn't run this far before so she was pretty nervous. I was so excited for her. Half way through the race we were running through one of the resorts and Cyndi said "All I can smell right now is churros!" Our laughter helped carry her through the rest of the race and it was awesome. We received the cutest Princess 10K Medals at the finish!

After our race we met up with our friend who also flew in from Fresno, Alissa and her BFF, who were also running the half marathon the next morning. They spoiled us to a fancy dinner. We met up with them at the Ritz Carlton and hung out until almost 11pm. We could have stayed out much longer but I knew I had to wake up super early one more time before my half marathon in the morning.

Day 5: Half Marathon = Half Crazy! Once again, my alarm was boxing at 3:30am. I was still super tired but excited for the finale of the weekend. I was dressed in my pink shirt, pink socks, and pink sparkly visor and I was ready to run! During the race, I stopped to take photos with a few princesses including, my favorite Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana from the Princess and the frog. It was so much fun watching all of the ladies running in princess costumes and some of them along the course wearing the tank tops I had designed!

I finished the race and received my Princess Half Marathon medal, and my adorable, pink coast to coast medal. It was so awesome! We finished the day off by visiting Downtown Disney, munching on Earl of Sandwich, and then heading back to the airport to return home.

Medals Earned: Royal Family 5K, Princess 10K, Princess Half Marathon Medal, and Pink Coast to Coast Medal
Running Buddies: My BFF Cyndi
Inspiration: Staying alive, and having so much fun!
Tips: Do everything you can to do everything you can at one of the most spectacular places in the world, Disney World!

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