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Going Half Crazy: Part 4

  • Jun 29 2015
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I am thrilled to share with you the last three races of my 12 x 13.1 Mile journey! We will explore my June, July, and August races where I travel from Southern California in San Diego to Northern California in San Francisco, and finish it off with one of my favorite courses, the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, California.

Race #11 (Half Marathon Number 10)

Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon

This event was awesome. My very first half marathon was at a Rock N Roll event. It was the San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I ran it for the first 3 years. These events are so much fun and it's awesome hearing live music while you're running along the course!

I was excited to try another Rock N Roll race in a different city and I had heard so many great things about it. I don't know anyone who has ever had a bad time visiting San Diego so this weekend was a sure thing.

My goal time for this race was to break 1:50. I arrived at the race later than I had planned, which was unfortunate. The lines for the bathrooms were super long and the people in line had little to no sense of urgency and I was going to be late for the start of my corral. I ended up waiting in line long enough to where my corral had already taken off and I was going to start in the corral my friend, Mika, was assigned to. I thought, no big deal, but it messed me up pretty bad mentally. I was running with shallow breaths andzig-zagging through bunches of runners. Up until around mile 8 or 9, I still felt like I could have run my goal time. Once we got to mile 10, the weather changed. It was so hot and I wasn't prepared for that. I didn't drink enough water and my body was already tired from trying to play catch up with the clock.

I ran the rest of the race as best as I could. But knowing I wasn't going to run my goal time definitely played a factor in my finish time.

The weekend overall was wonderful. I saw so many friends from high school, college, and people I've met along the way since Endure began. I am pretty sure that this weekend, I had the most reunions with friends from childhood, elementary school, high school, college, grad-school, all the way to the beginning of the Endure days. Pretty much one friend from each time period in my life!

My God-brother Ryan and I with our medals after the finish.

My former Buchanan Bear, cross country and track team mate, Kelli (Vanderburg) Smith.

Jessica and Ashley were friends of mine at Fresno State

Another former Fresno State Bulldog who ran SD RNR, Roosevelt Cook.

My friend, Meridith, who I cheered with in college. She is one of the models/reps for Ink N Burn. But once upon a time, she was my model first!! ;)

Meridith and Marissa posing on the Clovis East Timberwolves Track, circa 2011 ;)

This is my friend, Alberto. I met him years ago at the Lake Tahoe Marathon where he ran three marathons in three days, barefoot. He set a world record that weekend. Read more about that story by clicking here:

Well, this was my very first time meeting Meb, the winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon. He autographed a card for me and a poster for my sweet nephew. I got to see him again this past year in Boston. He's amazing!

Of course, Mika and I met while we were in elementary school. Kimi (Mika's sister), Mika, and I all ran in our Endure swag :)

Pre-race photos…

…and of course, post-race with the BLING!

This weekend was also the first weekend ever, that Endure had two shows simultaneously across California. We were there at the San Diego Rock N Roll Expo and also in San Francisco for the DIVAs race!

I was sent this photo of our Sales Rep, Heidi with the lovely Nina from RunningSkirts. It was awesome being able to share Endure with people in Northern California and Southern California on the same weekend. I'm so lucky to have friends who are on board with sharing Endure with the world with me!

San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon weekend was awesome.

Medal Earned: San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon Medal with the San Diego Skyline, orange ribbon and pretty enameling

Running Buddies: Mika, Kimi, Ryan, Jessica

Inspiration: All of my friends I got to see throughout the weekend!

Tips: Be hydrated, check out the course. There are some hills and some areas where you'll really need to take advantage of the water stations. Don't party too much just because you're in San Diego…celebrate after the race :)

Race #12 (Half Marathon Number 11)

San Francisco Marathon
(The Second Half)

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to go. This particular race is special to me because it was at this race where I ran my second full marathon. The full marathon course is split in two to make the first half and the second half marathon. I ran the second half marathon because I registered too late to run the first. The first half and the full marathon run over the Golden Gate bridge and the race starts earlier in the morning, which I would prefer to avoid any heat, even in the city!

My goal for this race was to break 2:00 hours. I wrote a blog post about not obtaining my goal time last year in August 2014.

Click here to read that post!

Medal Earned: San Francisco Marathon Medal

Running Buddies: I ran this one solo

Inspiration: Seeing my friend, Chelsea, on the course around mile 10!

Tips: Tranl for hills, especially downhills

Race #13 (Half Marathon Number 12)

Disneyland Half Marathon

As I prepare for the show this weekend, I am finally posting the final entry for my 12-month journey. I remember the feeling I had after I finished the final race, I remember it vividly even though it was almost one year ago. I was hot, and I was alone. I had run my 12th of 12 half marathons in 12 months and I didn't have anyone waiting there for me at the finish line. A moment that should have felt joyful, celebrating with loved ones, felt lonely, dry, and strange. I hadn't prepared myself for what this would feel like. The moment after the finish line, I hadn't planned for. After receiving my medal and my snacks, I made my way over to the massage booth. I normally never make the time to get a massage after the race so it was really nice to get there and not have to wait too long for my turn. I laid face-down on the massage table and began to cry. I was happy, proud, and relieved that I made it all the way through the year without skipping a race, and finishing every one of them. Even though my family wasn't there to congratulate me, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment and excitement I hadn't felt in a long time. I think a big part of me wished the overwhelming feeling could be shared. After my massage, I went to sit by the stage to wait for some of my friends who I knew would be around, and I took this picture.

This medal was so much more special than the others because it represented all twelve races in one. I am so excited to return to Disneyland this week to run the happiest race on earth, once again!

Thank you so much for reading about my 12-month running journey. It was definitely an unforgettable experience. Now to my next goal…


Medal Earned: Disneyland Half Marathon Medal with a huge D and an adorable colorful ribbon

Running Buddies: I ran this one solo but my cousin Anthony ran and my friend Amy came along with me to help at the expo

Inspiration: Re-living each race over the past year and knowing that this was the true finish line

Tips: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Southern California weather, especially in the summer, is very unpredictable. If you're able to, and if you are from the west coast, try running during early early mornings on your training runs. Most runDisney races begin around 5:30am and you must account for enough time to arrive for bag check and to get through the crowds to your assigned corral.

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