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Introducing THE VAULT

  • Aug 18 2015
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The time has come to let go of some of the things I've held onto for a number years now in both my personal life and in my jewelry line. Endure is turning six this month and the company has been through some exciting times, stressful times, and it has been such a wonderful learning experience. Since the company began in 2009, I've kept almost all of our original designs in stock or have had them made individually if an order comes in and I don't have it in stock. With more and more designs appearing in my dreams, I find myself a little overwhelmed when I look at all of the designs we offer.

This week we made a big decision to slowly remove some of our designs from our website and lock them away in what we are calling "THE VAULT". Much like a pole vaulter, Endure Jewelry cannot perform at it's best with extra weight so we are cleaning up the website a little in hopes to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Each and every one of our designs hold a very special piece of my heart. Many of them have been hand-drawn multiple times over and prototypes numerous times in order to make it perfect in my eyes. Every day I put on a piece of Endure Jewelry to feel complete so it's really hard for me to choose which pieces are going to be locked away and which pieces will stay a little longer on the website.

One by one, and sometimes maybe even more like three, we will be locking these items away and they will be viewable on the site, but not available for ordering. We will be sending out e-mails for the "Last Chance" to order some of our favorite Endure Jewelry and apparel designs before it's locked away in "THE VAULT".

The first item to enter THE VAULT, is our Winged Heel Necklace. I feel lucky to have shared this design with so many women around the world. It was one of my first designs, a hybrid between a feminine woman's stiletto shoe and the winged shoe from track and field, which was what paid for my four years of college.

We love that "THE VAULT" holds a double meaning as in a safe storage chamber or as in a sport like in gymnastics, or in our case, track and field. The photos below are of some of the local pole vault talent here in Central California.

I am so excited to keep creating new and exciting designs for fellow runners, mommies, and sisters around the world and I hope you stay connected with us on this new and exciting journey!

About the Pole Vaulter

Mallory Gilbert and I coached track together at Clovis East High School she also is the face of the SOAR movement. Read more about her inspiring story here:

You can also follow her on her journey on social media @pvmal

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