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Marathon Goddess is coming to the Central Valley!

  • Sep 28 2015
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If you are in Central California, join us this weekend for the Marathon Goddess Fun Run. Meet Julie Weiss, aka Marathon Goddess, one of the stars from the movie Spirit of the Marathon II! Join us for a weekend of fun with a Friday night movie, a Q&A session, and a 5-6 mile run at the park with Marathon Goddess herself!

October 2-3, 2015

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I first met Julie and David at the Modesto Marathon 2014. I learned that David had purchased our Live Love Run necklace for Julie who had lost the necklace and needed another one. I found out that Julie had run 52 marathons in 52 weeks and that she was one of the runners that they followed in the movie Spirit of the Marathon II

Since Modesto, we've become friends and have created a few exclusive Marathon Goddess designs for her to help raise money for Pancreatic Cancer awareness. Click here to see the exclusive designs!

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