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Ambassador Program

Join our Team!

**The Perks**

- Your very own Jewelry and Apparel Discount Code

- Early access to new designs

- Access to Exclusive Ambassador Gear

- Earn Endure Gift Certificates for Referrals

- Get featured on Endure website, emails, and social media posts

**How to Apply**

Tell us about yourself! Please make sure your name, address, sizing information.

Social media handles on Instagram, twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and blog address if applicable.

Describe yourself using three words and an emoji.

Do you own any Endure Jewelry or apparel? If so, tell us about your favorite pieces!

How did you first hear about Endure?

What is your favorite race distance and how many races have you completed?

Do you have any races planned for 2018? If so, which race(s)?

Have you ever played #FindingSunny or visited us at an expo?

Are you an ambassador for any other brand(s)? If so, which brand(s)?

Are you part of any running groups? If so, please share your experience with us.

Share your 2018 goals with us.

Please also include anything else you would like us to know about you!

**Team Goals**

Create a fun, positive, encouraging community.

Provide a welcoming environment to new members of our community and sharing information and product knowledge about our brand.

Participating in real life and social media events whenever possible.

Post a minimum of 3x per month using relevant hashtags in the caption and photo.

Smile, work hard, be honest, set goals, and encourage others to be the best version of themselves!

Please copy and paste your answers into an email and send to

**Application Deadline 12/17/17**