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Four Leaf Clover

This pendant was included in our collection to commemorate a runner's 4th milestone. You can also wear this necklace as a simple good luck charm!

Cast and hand-finished in tarnish-resistant .925 sterling silver. Available in 14K and 19K white, rose, or yellow gold. Please e-mail us at for a price quote.

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Barbara Scott 6 years ago

I bought Sunny's Tinker Bell half marathon in January. Fun memory. Now a good luck charm to layer my March Madness, SlO next month. It's my new charm bracelet!!! Ask me about my journey...

Jenn 7 years ago

Training aside, distance running, whether it's a mile or an ultra, primarily takes mental strength. Maybe it's a repeated mantra to keep you going, support on the race course, or a go-to tech tee or piece of jewelry that seems to bring you luck. I love this piece because I'd layer it with other Endure necklaces. On race days, I'd take the others off and keep this as my lucky charm - something to help you keep on moving when the miles seem impossible! I love how the clover has a 3-dimensional appearance, almost like it's an actual 4 leaf clover dipped in silver! Beautiful.