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Endure Cylinder Beads

Wear your accomplishments by stringing them one-by-one on a bead bracelet. This style of bead comes in 6 different styles: endure, 13.1 (half marathon), XIII.I (half marathon), 26.2 (marathon), XXVI.II (marathon, and 39.3 (Goofy Challenge).

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Marcia Buck 5 years ago

I ordered the XXVI.II bead about 6 weeks before my first marathon. It was great motivation for those last long runs. Putting it on my bracelet after the race was a wonderful way to celebrate the day. I also ordered the half-marathon version to match as a reminder of previous races. The beads are very high quality, and I've received a lot of compliments on them from my friends.

anonymous 6 years ago

This bead is absolutely gorgeous and very elegant!! I bought this bead as a gift for my running buddy as we embark on the challenge of running our first marathon together, but now I realize I must have one of my own! It's beautiful, great quality, and exactly what I expected!

Anita H. 6 years ago

Got the half marathon bead for myself and the Endure one for my sisters bracelet and they fit absolutely fine. We both love our beads. I'm about to do a Relay for life this weekend and will be doing over 26.2 miles so i thought i might get the 26.2 bead as well. The lettering or inscriptions are absolutely wonderful. No complaints at all. Awesome; very satisfied and would recommend.

Endure Jewelry Co. 6 years ago

We have adjusted the design of this bead to fit onto a Pandora bracelet. The hole measures approximately 4.5mm which accommodates most brands of bead-style bracelets! Thanks so much for your feedback!

Bummer1 6 years ago

Warning - the beads do not fit on a pandora bracelet and the engraving on the beads is so faint that it cannot be seen. Not as pictured. UPDATE- OUR BEADS ARE NOW COMPATIBLE WITH PANDORA AND CHAMILIA BRACELETS