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Winged Heel Necklace

Available through August 23, 2015

Endure's signature piece, the winged heel. This piece was inspired by the symbolic winged foot of track and field combined with endure's taste for femininity. This necklace is available in 1/2" and 1" sizes and comes with a 16" or 18" chain.

Cast and hand-finished in tarnish-resistant .925 sterling silver. Available in 14K and 19K white, rose, or yellow gold. Please e-mail us at for a price quote.

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Daisy 4 years ago

I love this design! I purchased it in the beginning of Endure. :) The interpretation is endless. You give it the meaning. I first bought it as an "on-the-go" kinda girl. I'm always working on a new project. Flying from one place to another. Later on I started running half marathons. Now the meaning is...I'm a business women and a (somewhat, lol) runner.

Jenn P 7 years ago

This piece exclaims, "I am woman, hear me roar!" It reminds me of my female colleagues, my running relatives, my friends, and even myself. It's a reminder that as females, we can be beautiful and fierce while exuding great strength and meeting physical challenges that most people only dream of. What an awesome gift for any gal who does it all.

Keely 7 years ago

Love the design of this piece (much better than the standard winged running shoe). Definitely unique and fun!